Early detection of breast cancer through routine exams saves potentially thousands of lives each year by improving the chance of a cure, says Ob/Gyn Eumena M. Divino, MD, FACOG.

The American Cancer Society believes there is enough compelling data to indicate that breast self exam is effective in helping women stay aware of any changes that may be cause for concern. The ACS now recommends a new technique to improve breast awareness.

“The major difference between this new recommendation and the traditional one is that it is done lying down,” says Dr. Divino, “not standing up as women have been instructed to do for years.” Experts say it is easier to feel breast tissue this way, as it spreads more evenly and is at its thinnest.

“The more women are familiar with how their breasts feel and appear, the more quickly they can notice changes that would indicate the need for further testing by their doctor,” Dr. Divino says.

Dr. Divino urges women to have a breast exam as part of their annual check-up and to have regular mammograms. “But check yourself every month. If you don’t do a regular breast self exam, get started now and schedule a mammogram at The Women’s Center at Raritan Bay Medical Center, recognized as a Pink Ribbon™ facility in recognition of its superior imaging capabilities for early breast cancer detection and the advancement of women’s health.”

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