New Year — New Attitude!

Do you have a positive attitude? Do others think you do? Staying positive can be challenging, especially when life is out of balance at home or at work. Sometimes it takes a consistent effort to stay upbeat when you are struggling with difficult situations.

According to Frank Paluzzi, MA, LPC, a licensed professional counselor at Bay Behavioral Health, “Things can’t always improve overnight, but keeping a positive attitude is possible when you set realistic expectations for yourself. Giving yourself small goals and achieving them can be self-motivating.”

“Don’t hesitate to get the help you need,” says Paluzzi. “People do care, so don’t be afraid to talk with family and friends, co-workers, and professional counselors.” If you have a set-back, Paluzzi recommends that you acknowledge it and get back on track. “Getting a new attitude and keeping it is a marathon, not a sprint,” he observes, concluding, “There’s a whole new year ahead. Take the time you need to accomplish whatever goal you set and you will achieve your dream of living a happy life.”

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